TMS is a cross-platform and hardware-agnostic software API developed by Titan. TMS provides a high-level of abstraction and a set of functionalities and services covering Telematics needs.


It allows implementing a unique software application on different modules whatever the internal modem and cellular technology, thus improving your time to market.


TMS separates features as services: you can deploy only the services you need and get more memory space for your application.


TMS can be run form the application processor internal to the module, form a remote host, or from both concurrently. Changing your architecture will not be a burden.

Cross platform: Allowing customer to implement a unique application working on different Titan modules no matter what chipsets inside.
Modularity: Separating features as independent services allowing customer to deploy only the needed ones.
Client library: Enabling customer developing application from remote host.


TMS – Telematics Micro Services